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Structured Settlements. We will  purchase your future structured settlement payments for cash. Freedom Financial Solutions will work with your needs to get you up-front cash for structured settlement payments. Every structured settlement is different, and the value of your future payments depends on a variety of factors
Life Settlements. Freedom Financial Solutions will purchase your life insurance policy for cash
lottery winnings. For lottery winners who seek to accelerate the traditional 20-30 year payoff schedule, Freedom Financial Solutions offers a wide range of alternatives that can provide you with additional cash to start a business, payoff debts, buy a house, take a much-needed vacation, pay college tuition, or just have the flexibility and piece of mind of having extra cash on hand
factoring. Asset based lending Freedom Financial Solutions offers our clients factoring services, letters of credit, account receivable collection, improved receivable turnover and timely reporting.
notes annuities. Freedom Financial Solutions can solve your cash flow needs. We can purchase your future income streams and help you obtain the proper financing or capital to improve your business or personal financial situation
pre settlements. If you are currently involved in an injury claim or lawsuit in which you are seeking money damages, we will provide you with much needed cash while you are waiting for your case to be settled

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